Don't shoot us - you won it, you fool!

Ah, good old Gamescom 2014. Remember when it divided the gaming community because of its supposed focus on smaller games? We thought that you would. Anyway, we know that it's a bit late, but madcap Video Editor Ben Potter would still love for you to watch his typically mental round-up video. As you may remember, the newly announced WiLD won our prestigious Game of the Show award thanks to your votes, but if you haven't been keeping up, then we daresay that this recap is the perfect place for you. Enjoy!

Now that you've had some time to think about it, what's your final verdict on Gamescom 2014? Let us know if it was worth the hype in the comments section below, and as always, if you enjoyed this particularly daft video, don't forget to subscribe to our official YouTube channel for more.