Tokyo Game Show PS4

It’s probably a bit cruel to be talking about the next major gaming convention before the current one has even got underway, but it seems like Sony may be stockpiling a seriously big announcement for the Tokyo Game Show in late September. According to Hirokazu Hamamura, the ex-editor-in-chief of Famitsu magazine, the platform holder has something sizeable in store for the Japanese show, which could turn the console’s fortunes in the region around.

“Released in February instead of the year-end shopping season, the [PS4] sold 320,000 units at launch, which is by no means a bad number,” he told an audience as part of a YouTube Gamers’ Day seminar. “However, even now total sales are at 640,000, which cannot be compared to the sales momentum from North America and Europe. But I heard from a major game maker that they’re going to have a big announcement around the time of TGS that should help the system’s growth.”

Admittedly, the quote is a little bit wishy-washy, but with the next-gen console struggling to get a foothold overseas, the Japanese giant definitely needs to do something to stir up interest in its home nation. The likes of Bloodborne, Kingdom Hearts III, and Final Fantasy XV should help, but the latter two still seem to be some way away. Thankfully, Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida has hinted several times that the company's willing to spread its reveals between conventions, so we can’t wait to see what this turns out to be.

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