"The free maps should make you feel better"

You should be able to loot two brand new multiplayer maps for The Last of Us Remastered right now, which may ease any frustrations that you’ve felt over the title’s matchmaking issues of late. Based upon areas from the single player campaign, the Beach will favour long-range experts, as you pick off opponents between shipwrecks. Meanwhile, the Financial Plaza is ideal for both sniping and close-range combat, so you may want to practice your skills with a baseball bat.

The maps come accompanied by a new patch, which should solve any connectivity issues. It’s also worth mentioning that, as promised, the new battlefields are 100 per cent free, which is how maps should be really, considering that premium ones have a tendency to split a title’s playerbase. Oh, and if all of that’s not enough, there are a handful of fresh firearms available to purchase from the PlayStation Store, with more information available through here.

Are you still fighting for the safety of your faction in Naughty Dog’s underrated online campaign? Forage for some tinned food in the comments section below.

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