PS4 China

Now that the Chinese government no longer believes that video games will rot the mind of its teens like teeth cleaned with Coca-Cola, both Sony and Microsoft are scrambling to release their next-gen consoles in the region. It’s easy to understand why: the untapped nation represents a potential audience of over one billion. So, who will win the latest format face-off?

Considering that Sony’s gaming brand is already massive in most Asian territories, it stands to reason that the PlayStation 4 will come out on top; however, Microsoft will be deploying its device as soon as September, and seems to be betting big on the emerging market to boost the figures of its somewhat flagging brand. Alas, that may not work out as planned.

According to a poll of approximately 6,000 local gamers conducted by NetEase, a whopping 57.3 per cent intend to pick up the Japanese giant’s platform when it eventually releases. A disappointing ten per cent said that they’d opt for the Xbox One, while just six per cent said that they’d plump up for the PlayStation Vita. Meanwhile, about 19 per cent said that they’d continue buying consoles on the grey market – imported channels – while a further six or so per cent said that they’d nab everything.

The survey suggests a clear win for Sony, but shouldn’t be taken at face value. While the sample size is decent enough, it isn’t random, and could have easily been fudged by fledgling fanboys rallying their troops to vote for the format that they like the most. We suppose that that alone would indicate a modicum of interest in the PlayStation maker’s corner, but it still can’t be considered fact.

As such, we’re probably just going to have to wait and see how this one plays out. It’s entirely possible that both platforms flop, as China has historically proven a difficult nut to crack. Who do you think has the best chance at conquering the potentially lucrative Eastern market? Issue a rallying call in the comments section below.

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