Par for the course

While we’d give our racquet arm for another Hot Shots Tennis, it seems that Japanese outfit Clap Hanz may be working on a new golf game – presumably for the PlayStation 4. The studio has been silent since putting Hot Shots Golf: World Invitational onto the PlayStation 3 and Vita, but now it's recruiting – and using Sony Computer Entertainment branded imagery to further its employment drive.

Fascinatingly, a few of the roles listed on its website are marked as ‘urgent’, suggesting that it’s perhaps close to meeting a particular deadline. There’s no real evidence to suggest that it is busy polishing up a new golf game, but its careers site mentions how it was established specifically to create Hot Shots Golf 2, and the reality is that it’s made very little else in the 16 or so years that it’s been in business.

There’s also no confirmation that it’s working on the PS4, but there is a reference to several tools which are widely used in next-gen development. Given that the previous instalment wedged itself onto two of Sony’s systems, we wouldn’t be surprised if this bounced onto the PS4 and Vita, too. The recently released format could certainly use a brand of Hot Shots Golf’s status in its native Japan – it’s still a bit of a bogey overseas.

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