Metal Gear Russian TV

Kojima Productions, the Konami subsidiary responsible for the Metal Gear Solid series, has proudly flaunted the photorealistic elements of its internally developed FOX Engine over the past few years – but it’s received its biggest vote of confidence yet courtesy of a cock up during a news broadcast. In a harrowing report on African child soldiers, Russia Today used images from upcoming sequel Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain – seemingly mistaking them for real-world pictures.

The blunder was spotted during a segment in which kid commando turned rap hero Emmanuel Jah was interviewed on the topic. You can catch the broadcast for yourself – complete with the error – through here. While the folks over at RT are probably going to feel like idiots when this gets pointed out to them, they should take comfort from the fact that they’re not alone – even the BBC enjoys a good video game related mix up from time to time.

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