Don't try too hard, it's just a demo

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution is slated for a Western release this September, but no doubt some of you ninjutsu enthusiasts are finding the wait near impossible. Thankfully, much like a team's dedicated medical ninja, help is close at hand.

Next week, those with a Japanese PSN account will be able to grab the demo from the PlayStation store and put their shuriken throwing skills to the test in two featured game modes: arcade, and network battle — the latter of which will only be available for a limited time. Appearing in a puff of smoke on the 2nd July, the sneak peek will boast six characters, four of which are playable. The controllable cast includes Sasuke, Kakashi, Tailed Beast Naruto, and the title's exclusive personality, Mecha Naruto. Will you be refreshing the Japanese store like a ninja possessed next week? Are you excited to take Mecha Naruto for a spin? Clobber us in the comments section below.

[Update]: Bandai Namco has confirmed that the demo will also be releasing in North America and Europe on the same date.