"Who's at vault here?"

The Borderlands 2 port on PlayStation Vita has been about as divisive as our internal E3 game of the show votes. Some have complimented the re-release's faithful recreation of the source material, while others have condemned its questionable controls. If you find yourself in the latter camp, you'll be glad to hear that a recent patch will help to waylay some of these input-based woes.

Among other things, update 1.04 will allow you more control over the inversion of the game's gyroscopic controls. For instance, if you only want to invert the y-axis, but need to leave the x-axis untouched, you'll now be able to do so. Arguably more useful, is a new feature which will allow you to scale down the rear touchpad input, ensuring you won't accidentally make a move just by firmly gripping your sleek machine.

In truth, we think that last one should be standard on all games that support the portable's innovative input method. Have you been looting your way through Borderlands 2 on your handheld device, or was one time around more than enough? Reload in the comments section below.

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