If you're looking for something to play on the PlayStation 3, and Murdered: Soul Suspect isn't doing anything for you, perhaps Risen 3: Titan Lords will fill that role. Developer Piranha Bytes has recently released a new trailer for the title, along with the news that it'll be launching on 12th August in North America and 15th August in Europe.

Ditching the swashbuckling soirees of the series' second outing, this title appears to be opting for a much darker approach. Indeed, the trailer makes the game look slightly similar to Dark Souls. The reliance on mythological creatures does a lot to set it apart, but the intense fantasy tone is very familiar. With that said, there is something tantalising about this game that we just can't pin down. It's probably that horned villain strutting his stuff in the video – that dude looks gnarly.

What do you make of this new clip? Will you be picking up Risen 3: Titan Lords, or have you shifted your focus to the PlayStation 4? Duck for cover in the comments section below.

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