With hopes of starting over

While we’re still quite fond of the formula, there’s a very clear recipe that all Call of Duty games tend to adhere to. However, relatively new studio Sledgehammer Games promised that it would change things up with the upcoming Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare – and speaking as part of an interview with Game Informer magazine, senior development director Aaron Halon has hinted that the firm’s treating the impending instalment like a new intellectual property.

“We really look closely at a lot of different things,” he explained. “The pacing is different, things that are... there are very core things that Call of Duty [does] that won’t change: 60 frames-per-second, the moments and things in it that are very memorable in the game. But our take on it – our spin on it is different.”

Ex-Dead Space developer Glen Schofield continued: “We approached this like we would any new IP. I mean, this has been one heck of a creative challenge. I mean, everything is brand new in the game. We’re really looking forward to sharing more because we think that we have some meaningful way to make this franchise feel like it’s got its Sledgehammer mark on it.”

As of yet, we haven’t seen enough of the release to truly appreciate the studio’s words, but the setting is certainly a change of direction for the series. Rather than focus on the modern aspect of more recent entries, it will instead take place in the faraway future, allowing you to commandeer hover bikes and other such exotic gizmos. Moreover, the title’s being developed for next-gen formats first, meaning that it will probably look the part to boot.

[source gameinformer.com]