"Don't make this harder than it needs to be"

Here's an odd one: Sony Computer Entertainment has recently announced that it has decided to sell its 9,520,000 shares in Square Enix to Japanese financial company SMBC Nikko Securities. The sale will furnish the firm with a flabbergasting ¥4.7 billion ($47 million) of wallet-filling financial gains.

While it's certainly not going to save the beleaguered company, it'll give it enough spare change to fund a MediEvil reboot. That's what we're hoping for, anyway.

But why has the Japanese giant opted to sell its stock? Could it be sour grapes over the lack of console exclusivity for recent Final Fantasy games? Or perhaps the disposal can be attributed to some other nefarious back room deal? In truth, there are likely a whole host of boring business related reasons that led to the sale.

However, this all leaves us with one burning question: what does the platform holder plan to use the cash for? If its recent foray into 4K media players is anything to go by, it probably won't be rushing out to spend the funds on new hardware revisions. What do you make of this slightly suspicious sale? Do you foresee the two Japanese giants parting ways? Are we being a bit too dramatic? Share your opinion in the comments section below.

[source dualshockers.com]