4K Media Player Sony

It’s no secret that Sony is a little strapped for cash right now, but new gaffer Kaz Hirai is a shrewd businessman, cutting costs wherever he can. As a result of this money saving exercise, it appears that the electronics giant has opted to recycle the design of the PlayStation 4 for its latest 4K Ultra HD Media Player, rather than build a brand new chassis.

As our friends over at Videogamer.com report, the FMP-X10 looks strikingly similar to the firm’s next-gen machine, boasting a stacked layout complete with dust collecting indent. Unlike the recently released super machine, it’s not slanted, and it’s all glossy as opposed to partially matte – meaning that it’ll double as a top-notch fingerprint storing device.

The box is due out this summer and will allow owners to download and stream 4K movies and television episodes via both Netflix and the firm’s own Video Unlimited 4K service. It also apparently features 1TB of memory, which we suppose you’ll need if you’re planning to stash flicks at a ridiculously high resolution. There’s no word on a price just yet.

Do you think that this is a case of the manufacturer trying to streamline its product line, or is it attempting to cut corners by reusing existing designs? Do you even care about 4K streaming boxes, or is this another Sony product that’s destined to fail? Buffer your beautiful videos in the comments section below.

[source blog.sony.com, via videogamer.com]