They've been working in a coal mine

In what we're hoping becomes a lasting trend, developer Re-Logic has recently announced that it'll be taking the same route as Sucker Punch and releasing an impressively large free update for its open world exploration title Terraria. The patch – which has been available on the PC for a while now – will be arriving on the PlayStation 3 and Vita on 17th April.

Most exciting of all, though, is that the studio has provided a fastidiously detailed changelog, which means that we're thankfully not left scratching our heads trying to figure out what on Earth's actually being updated. Speaking of which, you can find the full details of the patch through here. Highlights include a whole host of bug fixes, as well as over 100 new enemies, four new bosses, and over 1,000 new items.

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Have you been building a new world in Terraria? Will this update convince you to wield your pickaxe once again? Let us know in the comments section below.