You light up my life

You may not know it, but recently released superhero sim inFAMOUS: Second Son has six weeks worth of free DLC incoming. While some might decry this as a calculated attempt at keeping the game's disc in your tray, they're probably also the sort of person who hates candy, puppies, rainbows and all other things universally regarded as empirically brilliant.

Regardless, the new Paper Trail missions see you searching over the city of Seattle in an attempt to solve a sinister murder. Interestingly, the free downloadable extra will also require you to trawl real life websites to solve the case. If you need reminding, the first section — which released in a patch last week — can be accessed by returning to Fetch's billboard hidey-hole, while the second can be found on the bridge connecting the city's two islands.

Did you play the first Paper Trail mission, or do you plan to wait until the full saga releases? Moreover, are you a fan of this style of free post release content, or would you have preferred for the missions to have shipped with the game? Go on a manhunt in the comments section below.