Strike Suit Zero

As fans of anything remotely explosive and set in the darkness of space, Strike Suit Zero: Director's Cut has us quite excited with its announcement trailer. The mech-centric shooter is heading to the PlayStation 4 later this month, and features a reworked single player campaign as well as a slew of balance tweaks. The download will set you back £14.99/€18.99.

Originally a PC title, the release was met with very differing opinions from the media, so we're hoping that the problems outlined in those more negative reviews have been fixed up for the game's arrival on Sony's black box. Nevertheless, the video that we've embedded looks promising, and it's certainly the closest thing you'll get to Gundam here in the West until Dynasty Warriors: Gundam Reborn lands on our shores. Are you suiting up as we type this? Sink our ships in the comments section below.