Gundam Reborn

Just when you thought that the Dynasty Warriors news couldn't get any better this year after publisher Tecmo Koei announced that Dynasty Warriors: Xtreme Legends Complete Edtion was heading West in April, the Japanese company goes ahead and throws a vague Summer release date at us for Shin Gundam Musou — or, as it'll be known in the West, Dynasty Warriors: Gundam Reborn.

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The mech-focused hack and slash title is something of a sequel to Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 3, sporting a larger character roster, playable mobile armours, and a slew of new game mechanics. While the title has technically only been confirmed for a European release, we would hazard a guess that it'll be boosting its way to North America around the same time. Although unfortunately, there's been no word of the mobile suit-'em-up coming to Western Vitas — you can't win them all. Still, feel free to strap on your Char Aznable masks and declare your allegiance to Zeon in the comments section below.