PlayStation Store Rental

Why was the North American PlayStation Store update delayed this week? Well, there’s a possibility that the platform holder may have been adding some new rental options to the online plaza, which were spotted by MP1st and PSN Stores overnight. While the feature's not functional at the moment, the game page for Catherine sports a new set of links which allow you to rent the puzzler for one, seven, or 30 days. There’s no pricing attached just yet, as this appears to be all placeholder for the time being.

However, a promotional image for PlayStation Now may have already leaked the cost of game rentals purchased through the upcoming cloud streaming service, as a picture on provider Gaikai’s official website attached a $4.99 instant access figure to Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception. Of course, even if that number turns out to be accurate, it’s not clear how many days of admission you’ll obtain for stumping up the rather slender sum.

Nevertheless, it’s clear that Sony’s getting ready for the nationwide rollout of its on-demand gaming network, which is still on track for a summer launch. Those of you in Europe will have to wait until at least 2015 before you can try out the service, but the platform holder insists that it has a release roadmap laid out, and it will reveal more soon. Are you intrigued by the very idea of renting titles from the PlayStation Store? Upload your impressions in the comments section below.

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