Locked and loaded

Gamers love to get their hands on some gaming merchandise, whether it be a special edition figure or a t-shirt – but prop builder Landstalker Props is itching for some of The Order: 1886's Victorian gun-toting action instead. Ahead of the title's highly anticipated release, the firm is getting its hands dirty by making replicas of some of its innovative, steampunk inspired weaponry.

The work is well on its way, with blueprints for two weapons already drawn up. The designs show off the PlayStation 4 exclusive's combo rifle and grenades alongside their in-game counterparts, and they look like a good match – even down to the firearm's double trigger. Don't think that Landstalker Props is satisfied with these little numbers alone, though, as it has already expressed interest in making The Order's communication devices and electrogun, too.

The Order1886 1
The Order1886 3

This isn't the company's first time making prop weapons from games, with one of its most famous pieces being Kenway's flintlock from Assassin's Creed IV. And with that already available for purchase, we're interested to see whether we'll be able to add these items to our basket, too. Would you bag yourself a replica grenade for a sizeable sum? What other weapons would you like to see brought to life? Leave your orders in the comments section below.

[source dualshockers.com]