Celebrate good times

Sony’s sought after next generation hardware may be playing hide and seek with retail store shelves, but ShopTo.net has managed to source a brand new batch of PlayStation 4 consoles overnight. The online retailer’s selling all of its units in bundles, so you’ll have to hold out a little longer if you’re looking for a vanilla machine. Fortunately, its options are pretty decent if you just can’t wait.

You’ll be able to acquire a 500GB device, FIFA 14, and a spare DualShock 4 for £448.85, while a similar package with Battlefield 4 and a PlayStation Plus subscription will cost you £488.86. A console with Knack and access to the platform holder’s premium service will extract £435.85 from your wallet, while a device with Call of Duty: Ghosts and a headset will set you back £407.86. The last option includes the hardware and FIFA 14, Battlefield 4, and Call of Duty: Ghosts – that will sting you £479.86.

The Japanese giant pleaded patience earlier this week as it works to get new stock into stores around the world. However, it has warned that it may not be able to satisfy the ravenous demand surrounding the system for some time. As such, it might be worth taking the plunge while you’ve got the chance.

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