Imagine the scenario: you've successfully managed to save the last human, slaughter the entire Helghan population, and plunder your way through every pirate infested inch of the Caribbean. All that's left to do is bask in your well deserved glory – but instead, your precious save data is mysteriously corrupted, and your games are rendered unplayable.

This is the harsh reality for several unlucky PlayStation 4 owners who have experienced error message 'CE-34878-0'. Complaints about the dreaded glitch first surfaced last December, but several new cases have recently sprung up. Apart from the aforementioned afflictions, we also have it on good authority that the miscreant malfunction will infest your nightmares and has also been sighted mugging innocent old ladies. Alright, not really. Still, the loss of progress is bad enough, and sadly there isn't currently a fix for the flaw – though you can rest assured that the platform holder's tech team will be looking for one.

Perhaps the most egregious news, though, is the glitch's infuriatingly boring name. We reckon that the least that Sony could do is give the error a title that better lends itself to parody and ridicule – after all, trying to turn 'CE-34878-0' into a pun has just about driven this reporter to madness. Have you been subjected to this frustrating bug? Do you think that error messages should have better names? Make some noise in the comments section below.