Last of Us Left Behind

If, like us, you absolutely adored Naughty Dog's survival horror opus The Last of Us, you're no doubt sitting precariously on the edge of a full body hype explosion in anticipation for its impending DLC, Left Behind. And while we're certain that your nearest and dearest aren't particularly interested in cleaning up the remnants of that level of excitement, we're unfortunately obliged to bring you this latest batch of news surrounding the hotly anticipated add-on anyway.

A few days ago, the California-based studio released two videos on the PlayStation Blog that divulged some interesting new details in regards to the incoming content. What's more, the company's community strategist Eric Monacelli stuck around in the comments section to answer some fan questions, and his remarks were quite revealing.

Firstly, he stressed that the new story would be a fairly long odyssey, stating: "Length is good. Depends on how good you are and what difficulty you’re playing the DLC at, really." Even more exciting than this morsel, though, is the confirmation that new original music has been composed to accompany the action. We're guessing that the original game's score was just a little too depressing for the add-on's purportedly happy-go-lucky tone.

Hopefully you didn't buy the title's Season Pass thinking you'd be in for a surfeit of solo sneakery, however, because it seems that you'll be sorely disappointed. "There’s multiplayer DLC up next. We don’t have any more single player DLC planned," Monacelli stated, dashing any and all hopes for a side story in which Joel fights off a horde of killer aliens. That said, we're beginning to think that we're the only ones that want an extra-terrestrial excursion. Do you plan on picking up this lengthy add-on, or will you leave it behind? Craft a smoke bomb in the comments section below.