PlayStation Now? How about now?

Ever since the service's announcement earlier in the month, PlayStation Now has been on the receiving end of countless questions: is there a subscription? How much will it cost? Which games will be available? How well will the streaming actually work? It's unfortunately a bit too early to expect any concrete answers to these queries just yet, but hopefully that's about to change, as beta invites are currently being sent out to selected PlayStation Network users across the web.

The message comes with instructions on how to accept the invitation, and subsequently sneak a peek at the upcoming Netflix-like service that's set to launch in North America this summer. Other than that, there's not really much else to see here, although the email does go on to claim that for the best experience, a wired Internet connection is recommended, as well as a 5mbps or higher speed broadband hook-up. Are you expecting your own invite, or have you nabbed one already? Explain your excitement in the comments section below.

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