Shedding a stone

It’s customary to cut down on cakes and custard creams in January, but it sounds like Sony’s endured an almighty detox over the past three or so weeks. The platform holder has invited select members of the UK press to a briefing next Thursday, which hints at some form of hardware reveal. We’re assuming that our invite’s been lost in the post.

The super simple correspondence reads: "Following the biggest launch in PlayStation history, join us for an introduction to the slimmest." Exactly what it’s referring to, though, is unclear. Most likely is the PS Vita Slim, which is already available in Japan and cuts approximately 20 per cent off the girth of the manufacturer’s flagship portable format. But there are other possibilities, of course.

Chief among those is the PS Vita TV, which would win the award for the tiniest PlayStation platform of all time. The diminutive device hasn’t performed particularly well in its native Japan, but the manufacturer has hinted at the possibility of a Western launch in the past. We also wouldn’t rule out the odds of some form of fresh PlayStation 3 redesign, even if it probably is a long shot.

Nevertheless, it’s interesting that this is being announced in the UK, leading us to believe that it’s some form of European specific product. Perhaps more interesting than the reveal itself, though, is the promise of breakfast – although with the slim theme, we’re assuming that it’ll be all low-fat milk and no greasy Full English.