Sometimes games are released in Japan that are so strange that there is no chance of them ever reaching the Western masses. Thanks to an early PEGI ratings leak, though, one such miracle is coming in the form of saucy PlayStation Vita card game Monster Monpiece. The title offers a tactical battle system where your cards change into cute little chibis that beat each other to death – however, it's how you obtain these ephemeral objects that leads to the game's main selling point. The 'extreme rub' system used to seal new cards requires you to touch the female character's desirables, while finishing her off by vigorously rubbing the portable's front and back surfaces. Yes, it does look like what you think it does.

Developers Idea Factory and Compile Heart have been busy announcing multiple new Western games since the opening of the former's North American branch late last year. Are you eager to wrap your hands around this? Share your dirty little secrets in the comments section below.