"They're onto me"

We’ve already done our own in-depth analysis of Naughty Dog’s recent Uncharted PS4 trailer, but with the studio shutting up shop while it finishes hotly anticipated add-on The Last of Us: Left Behind, it's always worth spending a moment or two to speculate a little more. Fortunately, our friends over at Family Gamer TV have popped on their investigative hats for this latest loving study.

The footage fronted by intrepid adventurer Andy Robertson focuses on the locations glimpsed throughout the developer’s brief clip, and adds in real-life video of some of the environments that you may expect to encounter in the game. There’s also a hearty helping of conjecture based upon diary entries discovered in previous releases and much more. It’s well worth a watch if you can’t contain your excitement for Nathan Drake’s next escapade. The big question is: do you agree with the speculation within?

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