An exorcise in futility?

We recently learned the absurdly banal names of Call of Duty: Ghosts' four sets of DLC, and now we have a rough date for the first pack, Onslaught. The official Infinity Ward Instagram posted a creepy clip showing off some new arenas as well as a particularly threatening looking axe. The video is set to the theme from 70s slasher movie Hallowe'en and finishes with a title that reads: "Something menacing is coming 28th January. Get ready for the Onslaught." While we're not exactly sure what the teaser is implying, we suspect that it might be some sort of horror themed expansion. It's also perhaps worth pointing out that the content will presumably debut on Xbox platforms first.

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What's perhaps most surprising, though, is that social media app Instagram is now being used for major game announcements. At the risk of sounding cliché, we're definitely getting too old for this. Are you excited for this spooky DLC, or do you think that the long running series needs to be exorcised? Run and gun in the comments section below.