If you've not managed to nab a PlayStation 4 in North America yet, the prospect of getting one before Christmas is probably beginning to look pretty bleak. However, in what can only be described as a bonafide holiday miracle, major retailer GameStop has announced that it will have a "limited" supply of Sony's new machine in its North American stores this weekend. We don't know how many consoles the firm's expecting, so it's probably best to contact your local outlet or check the firm's website.

The seemingly insatiable demand for the machine also means that you'll want to get in nice and early. After all, it's currently the highest selling console in North America, and the Japanese giant has been struggling to satiate this voracious appetite.

This comes soon after the news that the equally monolithic retailer Walmart will also be replenishing its PS4 stock over the next few days. What we want to know is where these stores are pulling all of these mystery systems from? We're utterly convinced that Sony has commandeered a secret moon base from which to peddle them. That would certainly explain Naughty Dog's recent trips to aerospace company Space X. Whatever the case, we wish you the best of luck in finding a shiny black box this weekend.

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