Light in shining armour

We're huge fans of the DualShock 4 here at Push Square, so we're always excited to hear about games that take advantage of its unique features. And it seems that upcoming reboot Thief will be attempting to do just that. "The PS4 touchpad is used to quickly select items from your inventory and switch arrowheads," the stealth title's narrative designer Steve Gallagher said in an interview with Gaming Bolt. "It’s really intuitive and people that have played it really like it."

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Much more intriguing, though, is the proposed use of the controller's light bar. "We also have the light on the front of the pad changing colour to indicate when you step out into the light," Gallagher continued. "It flashes white when you step into the light and goes dark blue when you’re in the shadows. It’s subtle, but when you’re playing in a darkened room it’s really cool and helps you know when you’re in danger." If this all sounds a bit familiar, you might be experiencing flashbacks to the recently announced Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition, which makes a similarly novel use of the DualShock 4. Are these nifty features stealing your heart away, or do they sound like silly gimmicks? Get sneaky in the comments section below.