Tiny Brains

While much of the next generation discussion has revolved around resolution and horsepower over the past few days, it’s easy to forget that the PlayStation 4 has a few new gimmicks of its own. Many of those are embedded into the DualShock 4 controller, with the touchpad, light bar, and share button all bringing brand new potential to existing genres and games.

One title that’s set to take advantage of these unique features is Tiny Brains, the co-operative puzzler from Spearhead Games. This indie release sees you scuttling around hazardous environments as one of four different super-powered lab animals, solving puzzles by using each character’s unique abilities.

The gameplay hinges on communication, and so the developer has employed the device’s light bar to concoct a colour coded system that will allow you to easily see who’s in control of which rodent. “The controllers help you to figure out which of your friends is controlling which animal,” explained co-founder Malik Boukhira. “So you’ll know who to shout at.”

The developer’s also employing the revamped input device’s touchpad to allow you to point to places on the screen, again in an effort to facilitate communication. “Players can use this to point to specific locations in a puzzle where they may require someone with a different power to chip in – an especially helpful feature when playing in our online multiplayer mode,” Boukhira added.

The game was originally set to test your common sense at launch, but will now arrive on 26th November in North America. There’s no word on a European release just yet, but we’re sure that the title’s cunning critters will find their way overseas soon. Are you eager to give your brain waves a workout? Scurry onto the running wheel in the comments section below.

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