PlayStation 4

A recent tweet from Sony Worldwide Studios president – and official brand mascot – Shuhei Yoshida has confirmed that the PlayStation 4 has sold over one million units in its first day on sale in North America. The next-gen – or should we say, current-gen – system now ranks as the fastest selling PlayStation console, beating out the PlayStation 2 which took three days to reach the milestone.

This impressive number represents the PS4's that have been sold-through, which, translated from fancy business jargon, basically means the systems that were sold to customers directly. Sony has been struggling of late, with a particularly sluggish performance in the second financial quarter, so these encouraging figures are sure to see the company breathe a collective sigh of relief. However, if it's to meet its ambitious goal of five million units sold by March 2014, the console will have to maintain consistent sales throughout the rest of the year.

We don't think that there's any reason to be concerned, though. While we're certainly not mathematicians here at Push Square – we write about video games for goodness' sake – we've done some complex calculations and determined that if the PS4 continues to sell one million units a day, it'll reach this goal by Tuesday night. Seem plausible? We thought so, too. Is your shiny black box one of those inaugural one million? Do these outstanding figures get your blood pumping? Leave us one million comments below.

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