It was perhaps inevitable when the PlayStation 4 started selling out that wild consoles would begin fetching enormous figures on auction sites such as eBay. As we’ve been reporting over the past few days, Sony’s super machine is pretty difficult to find around the globe – and unsatisfied consumer demand is causing prices to soar.

As such, has compiled a comprehensive article based on dozens of finished format sales, and has concluded that the console currently commands an average cost of around £475 on the auction site in the UK. That’s a considerable increase over its £350 recommended retail price, with some standalone units known to sell for over £550.

Bundles are commanding huge figures, too, with Knack packages selling in the region of £500, while Killzone: Shadow Fall sets score a little more at £515. The situation is similar in North America, where system architect Mark Cerny’s super machine is selling for just under $600 – a staggering sum considering the console should cost under $400 in the region.

Interestingly, the abovementioned publication points out that despite there being more PS4s available online than the Xbox One – and therefore greater supply – the demand for Sony’s next generation device is actually much higher, as shoppers are willing to push the RRP further than Microsoft’s machine. It’ll be interesting to see if this trend continues into the New Year.

Has your hunt for the PS4 brought you to eBay yet, or are you still holding out hope that you’ll find one of the sought after systems in a high street store? Stretch your purse strings in the comments section below.