Adam Boyes

Sony can’t tell you about all of the upcoming PlayStation 4 games just yet, so it's teasing them instead. SCEA executive Adam Boyes has thrown some fresh fuel into the hype train’s overworked engine, telling the latest episode of the PlayStation Blogcast that he “lost his mind” over an upcoming next generation title.

Seeing as the likeable suit works in publisher and developer relations, we’re guessing that it’s probably a third-party game – although we suppose that he’d be privy to information on internally developed titles, too. There are a lot of excited whispers surrounding Sony Santa Monica’s next project at the moment, which is rumoured to be set in space. God of War III director Stig Asmussen and his team have been working on the next generation release since 2010, and its budget is reportedly astronomical.

Of course, Naughty Dog’s also been dropping some big hints regarding its impending plans. Posting on its blog earlier in the week, the Californian developer hinted that 2014 is set to be a special year for the studio. Realistically, the abovementioned comments could be about anything. If there’s one takeaway, though, it’s that PS4 looks to have an exciting twelve months ahead of it.

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