Naughty Dog

Holiday blog posts can often hold hidden secrets. We’ll never forget Guerrilla Games all but confirming Killzone: Shadow Fall in a festive PlayStation Blog message last year, and this correspondence from Naughty Dog seems equally intriguing. The bulk of the note focuses on the Californian company’s various achievements in 2013, but it also includes some interesting hints at the future.

“Once 2014 hits, we’ll start frequently rolling out fresh news and information about all of our upcoming projects,” the studio said, referring to the recently announced Uncharted PS4 and The Last of Us: Left Behind. “2014 marks a very special time in Naughty Dog’s history, and we’ll have more information about what that means early next year.”

Common sense suggests that it’s probably referring to the two abovementioned projects, but we can’t help but feel that the developer’s got even more up its sleeve. We’d hazard that some kind of PlayStation 4 port of Joel and Ellie’s heart-breaking excursion is possible at some point, but it’ll be interesting to see whether it has anything else in the works. Regardless of what the developer’s got in the pipeline, though, it seems like we won’t be left waiting too long for all of the gory details.