Your next console

Greatness may be right around the corner in North America, but Sony still has three weeks to fill until the PlayStation 4 deploys in Europe. It’s counting down to the system’s 29th November release date with a new marketing initiative, which encourages you to share what type of player you are on Facebook and Twitter.

“PS4 has been designed to give every type of Player the power to play with complete freedom and play the way that they want to play,” senior product manager Adam Grant explained on the PlayStation Blog. As such, the platform holder's new ‘Declaration of Play’ initiative will see you publicly proclaiming whether you’re a Trophy hunter, button-masher, or self-described rookie.

It’s a neat idea, which all plays into SCEE’s overarching ‘This Is for the Players’ tagline. We really like the way that the platform holder is playing up the nostalgic aspect of its next generation console, as its excellent throwback trailer indicated earlier in the year. What type of player are you? Post your pledge through here, and then tell us what you submitted in the comments section below.

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