PlayStation Network

In an age where almost every major hardware and software release reduces unprepared servers to rubble, we reckon that Sony’s done a decent job with the PlayStation 4 thus far. Some connectivity issues surfaced during the system’s record breaking North American launch earlier in the month, but the platform holder got on top of the PlayStation Network problems fairly promptly. Unsurprisingly, though, the manufacturer’s fighting another wave of outages right now, as European consumers wrestle to get their new consoles online.

“We are aware that some users are experiencing issues logging into the PlayStation Network on the PS4 due to the heavy traffic that we are receiving, we're investigating,” a spokesperson explained on the firm’s official Twitter account. “Thanks for your patience.”

While it’s always an irritation when these scenarios occur, we can somewhat sympathise with the problems on this occasion. In addition to the device’s roll-out in parts of Europe, the manufacturer is also battling a public holiday in North America, and presumably a slew of new Black Friday purchases. Fortunately, the console works fully without an Internet connection, so at least you’re able to play your games. To save time, though, you may want to consider grabbing the format’s latest firmware update from the manufacturer's website.

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