Beyond: Two Souls divided critics perhaps harder than any game before it earlier this afternoon. While we certainly fell on the more positive side of the fence, scores ranged from poor right through to exceptional. Given the divisive nature of David Cage’s games, it was always inevitable – but Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida has hopped on Twitter to reinforce Sony’s belief in developer Quantic Dream nevertheless.

“And the life still goes on,” he said right around the time of the reviews dropping. “I visited David at Quantic Dream’s office in Paris, shared my honest feedback on [the game], and reassured [him] how much I’m excited [for] his next project.” The title, as revealed earlier in the year, is already deep into pre-production, and will deploy on the PlayStation 4.

One of our favourite things about the PlayStation brand is its willingness to support wildly ambitious endeavours such as Beyond: Two Souls, so we’re excited to see where the partnership heads next. Plus, putting David Cage and Shuhei Yoshida in the same room is always a recipe for hilarity – as these images evidence.