All together

Mike Bithell may be pumping up the, er, Volume on his second major project as we type, but that’s not stopped Thomas Was Alone from finding ample company across multiple platforms. Speaking on the Joystiq podcast, the indie rockstar revealed that the rectangular platformer has sold over 700,000 copies across PC, Mac, Linux, PlayStation 3, and Vita. Impressively, that number does not include PlayStation Plus giveaways.

The UK-based developer’s next game will blend Metal Gear Solid with user generated content, but Bithell insists that it will maintain the same spirit as Thomas Was Alone, delivering a “very strong authored story”. This is something that he hopes will extend to the game’s level creator, as the title will allow players “to tell their own stories”, too. The release hasn’t been confirmed for Sony’s systems just yet, but we wouldn’t be surprised if that changed later today.