Would-be Heroes

If you thought that last year's loot-filled, massive RPG Rainbow Moon took up far too much of your free time, then you may want to sit down before reading all about the game's indirect sequel, Rainbow Skies. Developer SideQuest Studios is looking to bring the franchise's second instalment to the PlayStation 3 and Vita at some point in 2014, and has been quick to deal out some details about its next labour of love.

The epic adventure, which has been in development for nearly a year, will take place in a brand new world, with a plot that won't be linked to the previous game – supposedly making the title easily accessible to newcomers. The release will also sport a wealth of new content and mechanics, including two unique, parallel worlds, 50 background music tracks, monster taming, an advanced battle system which features new combo attacks, fresh mini-games, a new dialogue system, and improved side quests. Phew.

How many hours did you spend questing in the original game? Which new features are you most looking forward to? Boast of your superior loot and grand adventures in the comments section below.

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