Hold onto your burlap dolls everyone – a big LittleBigPlanet reveal is mere moments away. Writing on the franchise’s Twitter page, the community team behind the ‘Play, Create, Share’ favourite teased the imminent news. “Stay tuned to the PlayStation Blog because we have an exciting announcement coming tomorrow instead,” said the message. Tomorrow is today, by the way.

With the glamour of GamesCom right around the corner, we’re going to go out on a furry limb and assume that this is LittleBigPlanet 3. The game has been rumoured for as long as the Omniverse itself, and is supposedly in production at UK developer Sumo Digital. Sony may want to get the news out before its showing in Germany, where the game will presumably be playable.

Just to add credence to the rumours, the platform holder just Tweeted a picture of Sackboy standing next to the European convention’s logo. Talk about making it obvious, guys.

Update: Happy slap that hype – the LittleBigPlanet team has confirmed on Twitter that this is just a competition. We're pushing down on the d-pad as we type.

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