Photographic evidence

Those of you in North America will soon have the option to battle with hard drive space, as it looks like Sony really is bringing the 12GB PlayStation 3 Super Slim overseas. The console – which has been available in Europe for some time – had been rumoured over the weekend, but now an image of the teensy platform has emerged.

The shot – published by Engadget – shows a rogue system sitting in a Kmart stockroom. A message beneath the box lists the console’s “do not sell until” date as 18th August, which tallies with previous reports. The aforementioned speculation added that the console will retail for $199.99, which isn’t quite as inexpensive as we would have liked.

Still, expect it to be announced any moment now. Despite the obvious limitations, this cheap and cheerful model has proved pretty popular in Europe. If you’re the type of person that doesn’t play many games, then this should have you covered. And you can always upgrade the hard drive if you find that you need more space.