Warrior's Lair, the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita cross-play title formerly known as Ruin, has been officially canned. The Diablo-esque dungeon crawler had a troubled development, as it was passed from Idol Minds to Sony San Diego in April 2012, nearly a year after it garnered rapturous applause during Sony's press conference at E3 in 2011.

"Sony Computer Entertainment can confirm that Warrior's Lair for the PlayStation Vita is no longer in development," a spokesperson told IGN. "We apologise to those who pre-ordered the title and ask that they contact their retailer directly to cancel their pre-sale."

The representative went on to reassure that despite the announcement the platform holder will continue to strongly support the system. "The line-up of Vita first-party and third-party content remains strong with more than 85 titles scheduled to launch for the system by the end of 2013 including Killzone: Mercenary, Tearaway, Doki-Doki Universe, Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate, Flower, The Walking Dead, and more."

Last year, Sony dismissed rumours that the release had been cancelled, and claimed that Warrior's Lair was still in development, despite an employee stating that it was "extremely unlikely that the game [would] ever be released". We're not really surprised by this news, but it's sad to see the title officially keel over. At least Diablo III's on the horizon, huh?

[source uk.ign.com]