Ni No Kuni

The next generation may not have started yet, but Sony’s already ensured a strong start for the PlayStation 4. The system’s used game policies and competitive price point have propelled the platform to the top of most retailers’ pre-order charts – and according to Level-5 gaffer Akihiro Hino, the firm’s strategy shows how serious it is about the impending console war.

Chatting with Famitsu magazine, the CEO of the Ni No Kuni developer said that the PS4’s price was “the number-one surprise of E3”. He added: “I think that anyone can look at that and think that this is cheap. Putting cutting-edge PC specs into a game machine that costs just a few hundred dollars really brings across how serious SCE is about this generation.”

Considering that Level-5 is strongly rumoured to be working on a PS4 exclusive, we suppose that the positive words aren’t particularly surprising. Still, it’s not like Hino’s saying anything controversial – the system really has got a fantastic price. Do you agree with the executive's thoughts? Share your two cents in the comments section below.

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