Hare and tortoise

It looks like Microsoft’s confusing DRM policies have done nothing to deter the casual consumer, as Amazon.co.uk has confirmed that the Xbox One is currently winning the battle for platform pre-orders – but only just. According to the online retailer, the next generation system has been added to 2.3 per cent more baskets than the PlayStation 4 – but that number’s likely to change over the coming days.

“It’s not clear yet which of the two [consoles] will have the edge when they launch later this year – what’s certain, though, is that fans are already excited about how the next generation of consoles will change the world of gaming and home entertainment,” said an enthusiastic Xavier Garambois, vice president of Amazon Europe.

Ketu Patel, head of video games at Amazon UK, added: “Both the Xbox One and PS4 are set to have a huge impact, not just in terms of cutting edge games, but also as part of the way in which families enjoy home entertainment. It will be fascinating to see how the battle between the two console giants develops over the coming months – the fight for who’s going to be the must-have Christmas present is only just beginning.”

Sony still hasn’t actually committed to a 2013 launch window for the PS4 in Europe, but a delay is looking less and less likely. We’re set to get our first glimpse at the console during the company’s press conference later this evening. Have you pre-ordered either system yet? Let us know in the comments section below.