The Last of Us

The sun may have set on E3 2013, but the fun’s just about to start for the rest of you. After weeks of waiting, Sony has finally laid The Last of Us’ decomposing carcass on physical and digital store shelves. The game – which sees you assume the role of a weary middle-aged man named Joel – takes you on an adventure across an apocalyptic United States, and finds you forming an unlikely bond with your potty mouthed teenage accomplice, Ellie.

“An assured, touching, and engrossing adventure, The Last of Us represents a watershed moment for the medium,” we wrote in our The Last of Us review. “This is a meaty slice of survival action that masterfully depicts the horrors of life in a post-pandemic setting. The conclusion may feel a little hurried, and the multiplayer somewhat surplus to requirements, but this is still an essential tale of survival that will consume you quicker than a cloud of contaminated spores.”

Have you managed to salvage your copy yet? What are your initial impressions of the game? Are you planning to skip the release in spite of the string of perfect scores? Let us know in the comments section below.