Rallying the troops

Sony may have exited E3 2013 with a broader smile than Microsoft, but a smart Fergal Gara has warned that the console war is far from over yet. The executive – who’s responsible for SCEUK – explained in an interview with MCV that there’s still a long way to go before the PlayStation 4 can be considered a dominant platform, despite the system's strong start.

“Winning is determined by a much longer timescale,” he told the site. “We were very pleased with how our messages went down at E3. We aim to be the best for gamers, and this was a key step in that direction. E3 is important for early momentum and generating pre-orders. But it's only one step along. We feel that we had a good day, but there is a lot more hard work to do, and we are focused on that.”

PS4 pre-orders appear to be tracking ahead of Microsoft’s machine at the moment, but we suspect that it’s still pretty close. Gara added that Sony will need to keep working hard – especially if it wants to come out on top in competitive regions such as the UK. “My UK and Ireland team is under the most competitive pressure in Europe, so if we want to be more successful, we have to earn it,” he said. “We have to be more driven and focused.”

These are wise words as far as we’re concerned. The worst thing that Sony can do is rest on its laurels in the wake of last week’s showing. It’s worked incredibly hard to engineer an advantage for the PS4, and now it needs to ensure that it continues to follow the same path through until launch – and beyond.

[source mcvuk.com]