Killzone: Shadow Fall

Killzone: Shadow Fall may have prompted you to groan when it was unveiled in February for the PlayStation 4, but this is not an average first-person shooter. Unlike previous entries in the franchise, the action will take place in non-linear maps as opposed to claustrophobic corridors, allowing you to decide how you want to approach each level.

While the game won’t boast a single open world like Far Cry 3, it will instead feature a series of large arenas, and will challenge you to complete a number of objectives in whichever order you like. The analogue that immediately springs to mind is Nintendo 64 classic GoldenEye 007, which tasked you with various sub-missions in fairly big environments.

To complete these objectives, you’ll have a handful of combat options at your disposal. In addition to the typical range of guns and grenades – the former of which sound absolutely brutal in this futuristic interpretation of the series – you’ll also have access to a gadget known as OWL, which augments you with a few additional powers.

Options on offer include a shock attack, shield, and zipline. You can toggle between these by flicking the touchpad, and pressing the d-pad to activate one. The shock attack sends out an electric pulse which debilitates your foes while you wreak havoc with melee attacks. Meanwhile, the shield protects you from enemy gunfire, while the zipline allows you to quickly traverse the massive environments.

Even though it may not be wildly innovative, that the shooter’s taking a different approach to titles such as Battlefield 4 and Call of Duty: Ghosts makes a lot of sense. Corridor shooters are dime a dozen these days, so it may prove decisive that Shadow Fall’s at least trying something a little out of the ordinary. And with PlayStation Vita spin-off Killzone: Mercenary also taking a unique approach, could the series finally be about to realise its true potential?