Drop the bomb

Michael Pachter isn’t the only industry analyst that believes that Sony has learned from the PlayStation 3’s disastrous price tag. In a note deployed to investors earlier today, Sterne Agee employee Arvind Bhatia said that the company will not repeat the same mistakes, and will subsequently launch the PlayStation 4 at a much more agreeable cost.

“We believe that Sony will aim to keep the price point for the PS4 below $400," he said, though he cautioned that the company may have to lose money to achieve it. The analyst explained that because the PlayStation Network is free, the firm lacks a suitable method to subsidise any losses. We still think that the platform holder will lock some of the console’s social features behind a paywall.

Earlier in the month, divisive Wedbush Securities employee Michael Pachter suggested that the console will sell for $349, based on the assumption that its bill of materials will cost around $275. We reckon that that tag seems a little too cheap, but we sincerely hope that we’re proved wrong. An affordable PS4 would be an incredible treat.

[source uk.gamespot.com]