Turning back time

Sony’s mysterious project The Order: 1886which first appeared in a trademark submitted by SCEE earlier in the year – has surfaced once again as part of a slew of domain name registrations. Notorious sleuth Superannuation picked up on website destinations – filed by the company's usual registrar – for a whole throng of permutations on the name, including ‘theorderps4.com’. We reckon that we’re going to see this at E3.

The online detective speculates that the title could be former God of War III director Stig Asmussen’s next project, but our money’s still on Guerrilla Games. We know that the studio’s been working on a new property for a while, and the name first cropped up in the Netherlands, where the developer just so happens to be based. To be honest, we’re more interested in what the game actually entails than the developer – the name sounds fascinating, doesn’t it?

In addition to The Order: 1886 filings, the platform holder’s also registered domains for various numerical versions of The Last of Us, hinting at the possibility of a sequel. This is probably just the company covering its back – but you never know what the future holds, do you?

[source kotaku.com]