Just Cause

Sony’s commitment to the humble developer has been pretty consistent over the past couple of months. While it made some major missteps with the PlayStation 3’s architecture, the company’s aiming to reverse those issues with the PlayStation 4. And, according to Avalanche Studios – who’s working on an unannounced next generation title – the system’s production environment is already way ahead of the Xbox One.

“The PS4 environment is definitely more mature currently,” chief technical officer Linus Blomberg told EDGE magazine. “Microsoft has some catching up to do.”

Blomberg added that the PS4 is more powerful on paper, but that it’s too early to call a winner in the technical stakes. A recent Digital Foundry report stated that Sony’s system is likely to be significantly more potent than Microsoft’s machine.

Regardless, the Swedish studio is excited about the advancements that the new consoles will bring. “Next generation to me has always meant more than nice graphics,” chief creative officer Christofer Sundberg said. “I don’t really see any big negatives at this point. For me, the success of the new consoles will be determined by how much freedom developers will have to make our gaming experiences customised for our fans.”

Avalanche is widely rumoured to be working on a new entry in the Just Cause franchise, which could make its debut as early as E3. Considering just how spectacular Just Cause 2 looked on the PS3, we’re eager to see what the studio can do on the PS4.

[source edge-online.com]