Just Cause 3 Teaser Takes a Giant Leap of Faith

Swedish developer Avalanche Studios appears to be teasing Just Cause 3. Company founder Christofer Sundberg posted the above image to Twitter yesterday evening, with the accompanying hashtag “Year of the Avalanche”. In response to a fan, the outspoken executive later insinuated that the game may be announced at E3 later this year.

Speculation regarding a sequel to 2010’s excellent Just Cause 2 has been doing the rounds for years now. The studio is also rumoured to be working on a Mad Max game, but judging by the characteristics of the model in the embedded screenshot, we’re guessing that the picture is taken from the next entry in the developer’s daredevil series.

Given the technical achievements of the previous game on the PS3, we’re fascinated to see what Avalanche is able to achieve on next generation hardware. Would you latch onto a PlayStation 4 sequel? Let us know in the comments section below.

[source twitter.com, via twitter.com]